Porównanie z innymi grzejnikami płytowymi

RADIK RC represents a significant innovation in the segment of panel radiators, it is the first radiator with controlled flow.

The panel radiator RADIK RC enables a full closure of the heating water flow into the rear panel. For 87% of the heating season it is possible to take advantage of a higher radiant heat from the front panel, achieve the required thermal comfort at a lower air temperature in the room and thus save up to 15% of the annual heating costs.

Comparison with a conventional radiator

Computer simulations of heat transfers in a room have been carried out with the goal to investigate what influence the front panel of the radiator has got on the average radiation temperature. The average radiation temperature is the effective temperature of all surrounding surfaces in the room. This temperature significantly influences the operating temperature which is a crucial factor for the thermal comfort in the room.

Using the RADIK RC radiator it is possible to achieve the same thermal comfort thanks to increasing the average radiation temperature at a lower air temperature in the room. The simulation confirmed that it is possible to heat the room on a lower air temperature and in such a way realize energy saving for heating.

Comparison with a serial flow radiator

 Serial flowRADIK RC
Temperature at the inlet into the radiator75 °C75 °C
Mass flow at the nominal output138,5 kg/h141,2 kg/h
Average temperature of the front panel64 °C66,7 °C
Average temperature of the rear panel59,6 °C30,3 °C
Temperature of the wall behind the radiator41,9 °C26,9 °C

RADIK RC enables the full closure of the heating water flow into the rear panel. While maintaining the same heat output, as compared with the flow through both panels, the front panel has a higher average temperature.

And a higher average temperature means a further increase of the radiant component of the heat. Therefore the user has a more pleasant feeling of the radiant heat from the radiator.