Electrical regulation of convectors

Electrical regulation of KORAFLEX FV, FV InPool, FI, FW, KORALINE LV and KORAWALL WI (hereinafter referred to as fan-coils)

Standard regulation:

The regulation is designed for the control of the heating and cooling output of convectors with blow fans. The standard part of the fans is:

  • Group of fans with a unique disk type synchronous engine with permanent magnets. It is characterized mainly by very low power consumption – the power input of the engine at the full range of speed does not exceed 7.5 watts; the engine also runs very quietly.
  • Connecting terminal (F Box)
  • Exchanger temperature sensor (switch)

Optional accessories

The DC power supply source in accordance with the total power input of the controlled fan-coil units. The offer includes 2 sizes, 60 W and 100 W. The power supply sources are supplied separately for installation in the electrical switchboard on DIN rail.

  •  R-Box, containing the speed signal galvanic separation module, controlling the fan speed and which also allows the selection and optimization of various degrees of speed. The R-Box is designed for mounting on DIN rail in the switchboard.
  • Plastic box for the placement of the DC power supply and the R-Box for installations where the switchboard is too far.
  • Siemens thermostats
  • Valves, thermoelectric drive 12 V DC

The performance is controlled by the working media On/Off switching valve, if used, and by switching the On/Off the three speed blower fan. When using a Siemens thermostat RDG100T
the speed is controlled automatically. All three speeds of the fan can be smoothly adjusted. The fan speed is given by the size of the voltage control signal CNTRL from the galvanic separation signal module (R-Box). Detailed description of functions and settings is available in the installation instructions supplied with the product.

Fans are normally blocked by a temperature switch (TS1) at a switching temperature of about 35 °C. This function may be disconnected. This accessory is not supplied for KORAWALL WI. For fan coils with dry-cooling effect it is still necessary to use one cooling medium thermal switch (TS2) connected in parallel to the temperature switch which activates at a temperature below 13 °C. The temperature and speed is controlled by Siemens Thermostats RAB11, RDF600/IR or RDG 100T. Contact fields of these thermostats (TS1) are connected to mains voltage, and that is why it is necessary to use the R-Box signals' galvanic separation (the galvanic separation of signals is implemented by using optocouplers).

The thermostat switches the DC power supply source of the output voltage of approx. 13.5 V. Once the power supply source is switched on the heating medium valves (if used) start opening. Furthermore, the thermostat through galvanic separation module generates the control voltage signal CNTRL. The control voltage signal is of three levels, with each speed level smootly adjustable. The convectors control can be also carried out using a BMS (Bulding

Management System) higher-level output elements. One BMS relay output controls the valve's opening/closing, and the second continuous 0–10 V output controls the speed. The standard regulation enables the use of a themoelectric drive 12 V DC that closes or opens the heating media valve. The function is set in such a way that if heating is required, i.e. after the thermostat switches on, the power supply is activated. The voltage from the power supplysource directly supplies the thermoelectric drives of the valve for the control of the heating media inlet to the fan-coil unit. If the heating output is not sufficient without the fan, it is possible to select the required speed of the fan (I. II. III.) with a switch.

Description of regulation of KORAFLEX FV InPool

The above described system of regulation applies to pool applications for which this product is intended. The principle is the same but the electrical equipment of the convector differs the electronics of the motor, F box are located in a plastic box with high degree of protection IP 67 which is placed inside the convector. When installing the connecting cables to the terminal block of the F box must be connected as per instructions. In terms of temperatureand speed regulation the same types and variations of thermostats are used with a restriction that the thermostats must not be placed in the pool area. For these purposes we recommend using the temperature sensor which senses the temperature in the pool area, see Accessories. The sensor is designed for thermostats RDF 600 and RDG 100T.

The convector is not designed for continuous flooding by pool water. Get thoroughly familiar with the warranty and operating conditions

Installation must be performed according to valid standards and safety regulations! The manufacturer is not liable for defects or damage caused by improper installation.