Standard delivery/Selectable specification KORAWALL WI

Standard delivery contains

  • sheathing of zinc galvanised steel sheet coated in shade RAL 9010 – white
  • AI/Cu heat exchanger with low water content, air vent and uniquely shaped lamellas for a higher heat output
  • group of low-energy fans
  • connecting terminal (F Box)
  • wall mounting brackets
  • mounting instructions
  • the set is packed in a cardboard packaging

Selectable specification

  • in case of ordering more than 5 units it is possible to select another sheathing colour shade (the manufacturer must be consulted)
  • shut off valve, thermostatic valve and thermoelectric drive


  • Standard supply does not include the regulation
  • The regulation must be ordered separately in accordance with the technical parameters
  • Regulation is identical for all OC system radiators