Standard delivery/Selectable specification KORAFLEX FK

Standard delivery contains

  • version Economic – black coated zinc galvanised steel case
  • unpainted heat exchanger with low water content, air vent and uniquely shaped lamellas for higher heat output
  • anodized Al frame, U profile, in colour of natural aluminium
  • fixing anchors to fix the case to the floor
  • a pair of flexible stainless steel hoses for easy connection
  • chipboard cover, protecting the exchanger against dust and dirt on the building site
  • 25 mm height adjustment screws to compensate for the floor asperity
  • mounting instructions
  • the set is packed in a strong and durable packaging

Selectable specification

  • Exclusive - black coated zinc galvanised steel (identical with the design type Economic), black coated heat exchanger
  • Inox - the case design in stainless steel AISI 316, unpainted exchanger (for humid environment)
  • InPool - the case design in stainless steel AISI 304, unpainted exchanger (only for dry environment)
  • pool design FK InPool are standard designed with a drain hole
  • colour of the anodized Al frame – natural aluminium, light and dark bronze in the F profile or light or dark bronze for U profile
  • lockable screwing thermostatic valve and thermostatic shut off valve head
  • cover plate with increased rigidity
  • Insufficient performance? Look for version with OC with forced convection