General information - KORAFLEX FK

Convector breakdown

  1. convector case according to the selected material
  2. heat exchanger
  3. air vent
  4. cover frame (U or F)
  5. floor grid
  6. connection holes
  7. fixing anchors
  8. covering metal sheet

Aluminium frame profiles

Standard design - U frame

Standardní provedení - rámeček UProfil U

Standard design contains silver U profile. Profile colour is equal with grid colour.

Selectable version - F frame

Volitelné provedení - rámeček FProfil F

When the selectable frame F is ordered, it is attached separately to convector (not installed on convector). Frame colours are identical with aluminium grid colours.

Weights and water volumes of floor convectors

kg/linear meter567,28,510,35,56,77,7910,710,212,114,211,413,315,416,52220,526,5
stainless steel/lm4,15,56,36,89,54,55,96,87,3109,6101410,510,915,61516,71921,3