Floor convector’s design finishes KORAFLEX

KORAFLEX design finishes

To ensure a perfect interconnection of floor convectors KORAFLEX in the rooms' corners it is best to use corner parts RD. The corner piece comes complete with a corner cover grid piece for all offered versions. The corner piece has no effect on the heat performance of the heating body and only serves as a visual complement. The corner pieces must be ordered together with the adjacent floor convectors including PM. No heat exchanger can be placed in the corner part, therefore it does not heat.

General information

It is necessary to consult custom-made designs with the manufacturer before sending the order. Heat outputs can not be in any way guaranteed, the manufacturer may on request carry out an expert estimate of the possible heat output. To order a corner design you must specify the angle α and the total width (A), which must correspond with the widths of the produced floor mounted cases. It is necessary to specify the angle α for all shapes, including the arched design, and the inner or outer radius (R – inner, R – outer) and the overall width (A) that must correspond with the widths of the produced floor mounted cases.

corner (angle) parts maximum design depth (cm)7
Arch design depth (cm)8, 9, 11, 15 a 19
Production possibilities must be evaluated individually
case designblack zinc galvanised steel
grid designaluminium, wood, stainless steel

The floor grid must be always ordered together with the design convector


Dimensional series
width of channel A (cm)1620283442
length L1, L2 (cm)2030405050


The minimum internal radius of the arc version must be more than 300 cm. Use type "T" profile aluminium grids on a spring when fitting the arch version with the aluminium grids, see image and U frame. (F frame could not be used due to design reasons).

Corner Z

Corner U

Ordering codes for corner part of KORAFLEX