Wooden grilles

Cover grilles and decorative frames

Take care with every detail and choose from a wide range of floor grids of the floor convectors, so that they are the top complement of the interior. Intentionally visible or quietly blending into its environment. The grids are the same for all types of the floor convectors: KORAFLEX FK, FK InPool, FV, FV InPool, FI and FW. Wide selection of lengths, special surface finishes in the rolling or longitudinal designs.

The floor grille are made of natural materials and therefore minor deviations in the colour design cannot be aliminated. The supplier cannot fully guarantee the presented colours and accept complaints for the reason of possible colour deviations. 

Cover grilles load bearing capacity

* Point load on 1 grille lamella according to produced widths.

Correction factor per flow area of the grille

of flow surface> 7560504030
correction factor1,000,950,900,850,60

The flow surface means the flow surface of the heat exchanger (width × length of the radiator) minus the area of the cover grille (all dimensions given in %). The heat output of the particular convector is multiplied by this correction factor. Measurements of the KORAFLEX products performances include the cover grille, therefore no further recalculation is necessary.

Manufacturing dimensions of the cover grilles

Code designationPM-xx/16PM-xx/20PM-xx/28PM-xx/34PM-xx/42
width150 mm190 mm270 mm330 mm410 mm

tolerance +0–1,5 mm

Profiles of the aluminium frames

The convectors are fitted as standard with the silver U profile; when frame F is ordered it is enclosed with the delivery loose. Colour finishes of the decorative frames match the colour finishes of the aluminium grilles.

Assembly instruction

Assembly instruction - Cover grilles KORAFLEX

Ordering codes

Ordering codes of floor grilles