Heating benches with desk with natural convection

For heating and rest? Yes. Just sit back, rest, relax or just wait. For benches with top desk made of solid oak, beech or of artificial stone a load is no problem. Proven clever combination of design, performance and utility features will be appreciated in the implementation of residential development and public spaces.

KORALINE LD Exclusive was designed for premises intended for relaxation. The bench is fitted with a covering desk that can withstand static load without problems and is also suitable to sit on. Attention, the covering desk must be ordered separately.  The desks are positioned on the convector and fixed to the convector structure. The KORALINE LD Exclusive convector can be installed for example in halls or winter gardens. For use in pool areas we recommend the order is placed for complete stainless steel finish – so called pool version.

  • natural convection convectors
  • wide range of types and designs offered
  • easy to clean and maintain
Natural convection Natural convection
Heating Heating
Swimming pools design Swimming pools design
Environmentally friendly Environmentally friendly
Minimal consumption of energy Minimal consumption of energy
Higher performance Higher performance

Dane techniczne

Wysokość ławki z nakładką (mm)320
Szerokość ławki z deską (mm)300
Długość ławki grzewczej z płytą (mm)1060 - 2060 (at 200 mm steps)
Moc (W)from 1122 to 2242
Maksymalne ciśnienie robocze (Mpa)1,2
Maksymalna temperatura robocza (°C)110 °C
Maximalní povrchová teplota (°C)40 °C
Gwint przyłączeniowyinner G 1/2“
Sposób podłączeniarecommended botton connection, side
Wykonanie nakładkistone imitation (terrazo), wood-beech,oak

Warianty konwektorów KORALINE LD

KORALINE LD InPoolKORALINE LD InPoolsteel sheathing, stainless steel AISI 316 coated in colour shade RAL 9010 – white, suitable for humid environment
KORALINE LD ExclusiveKORALINE LD Exclusivesteel sheathing, coated in colour shade RAL 9010 – white

Cover desk design versions

Caution: There is a rule for Terrazzo desk that for the dimensions of KORALINE LD benches of 140, 160, 180 and 200 cm two shorter desks per bench are used for reasons of weight and dimensions. The desks are made of natural materials and therefore minor deviations in the colour design cannot be eliminated. The supplier cannot fully guarantee the presented colours and accept claims due to possible colour deviations. The desks are blocked against movement.

Krycí deska - TeracoCover desk - Terrazzo
Krycí deska - DubCover desk - Oak
Krycí deska - BukCover desk - Beech

Moc cieplna [W]

Moc cieplna przeliczona na ∆T= 50; (t1/t2/ti = przy 75/65/20 °C)

∆T = 50 °C Długość [mm]
Wysokość [mm] Głębokość[mm] 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000
320 260 1122 1346 1570 1794 2018 2242

Temperature exponent m = 1,364

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