Installation of convectors KORAWALL

Installation instructions KORAWALL

It is recommended to always position the wall mounted heating element on a peripheral wall, 10 cm above the floor. Elements are suspended on the wall with the use of dowels and screws included in the packaging. See the sketch of element anchorage for the method of suspension on the wall. The elements are supplied assembled. Detailled information about installation and fixing the units KORAWALL can be found in Assembly Instructions

Anchoring diagram

Installation instructions KORAWALL WI

  • It is recommended to position the wall mounted heating element on a peripheral wall, 10 cm above the floor.
  • The hot water is supplied always in the upper pipes; recommend to fit with the shut-off valve and the thermostatic valve (consultation with the designer is required in case of cooling).
  • We recommend to fit the fans once all building work is completed. The exchanger and the sheathing must be well protected against fouling and regular maintenance carried out – including cleaning of exchangers and fans.
  • The convector is fitted to the wall using brackets. Then the heat exchanger is inserted and connected to the heating system. We recommend to check the correct position of the exchanger and the fittings in relation to the sheathing. Fit the fans and the sheathing only after all building work has been completed.

Anchoring diagram

Assembly electrical part

  • Regulation is identical with OC convectors
  • We recommend to fit KORAWALL WI with the thermoelectric drive
  • Do not forget to provide power supply near the installation – more details in the electrical assembly part in the installation instructions

Design solution of the front face of KORAWALL WI

  • The wall mounted heating elements KORAWALL WI have on their front face a significant design element, which consists of one design section in the lengths of 75, 100 and 125 cm, two sections in the lengths of 150 and 175 cm and three sections in the length of 200 cm.