KORABASE exchangers installation

Installation instructions

For proper functioning ensure sufficient supply of air, adequately sealed convector case and the outlet grid must vent adequately. We recommend the exchangers are installed 10 cm above the floor covering. We supply 2 types of brackets for this purpose. These could be of the floor mounting design (stand type) of 5 and 10 cm height, or of the wall-suspension design. The number of the exchanger's pipes determines the width of the bracket, see below. The brackets are not part of the supply.

Mounting location

Floor mounting standsFloor mounting standsFloor mounting standsWall mounting brackets
KORABASE 30 and 32KORABASE 20 and 22KORABASE 10KORABASE 10, 20, 22, 30 and 32
(supplied in black finish as standard)(supplied in black finish as standard)(supplied in black finish as standard)(supplied in white finish as standard)

Correct installation

KORABASE correct installation

The heat output of the exchanger is dependent on several key conditions: the effective height of the cover, how well the cover (case) seals, the supply of the heated air and the size of the outlet grid´s flow area. In general, the higher the cover is positioned, the higher the heat output. The case of the convector and the adjacent building structures must be resistant to the rated temperatures of the heat-carrying media.