Free standing convectors installation KORALINE LK

Installation instructions

  1. stand type – attachment to the floor. Stands on rough and floor covering can be chosen. The subfloor version allows a height tolerance of about 5 cm. The floor mounting spacing is given on the sketch
  2. wall mounted – attachment to the wall. Recommended positioning 10 cm above the floor covering. The delivered brackets (2 pieces) allow a height and length tolerance of approx. 2 cm. The mounting spacings are indicated on the sketch.

Installation procedure (valid for all models)

The first step consists in measurement and drilling for the brackets or stands. The heat exchanger is then positioned and connected to the heating system. Finally, the cover with the cover grid is put on and screwed onto the brackets or the stands. The free standing convectors KORALINE LK Exclusive and InPool grids are removable for easy cleaning. More detailed information is available in the installation instructions. The elements are supplied assembled.

Free standing convectors assembly

Koraline convector assembly

Mounting location

Mounting location

Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions - Free standing convectors KORALINE LK
Assembly instructions - Free standing convectors KORALINE LD
Assembly instructions - Free standing convectors KORALINE LV

Overview of stands and brackets for free standing convectors KORALINE attachment

Overview of stands

Contents of the set for connection of KORALINE LK  

Kv values for the Danfoss RA-N 15 UK 1/2" valve

RA-N 15 valve

  • thermostatic valve
  • Danfoss RA-N 15 1/2“
  • valve body allowing presetting of flow
  • flow can be set without using tools
  • basic setting is selectable in 7 stages
  • maximum working pressure 10 bar
  • maximum working temperature 120 °C
  • threadless connection with the thermostatic head
Present stage1234567N

This valve type is used in optional accessories supplied for the free standing convectors.

Thermostatic head

  • thermostatic gas-steam head Danfoss RA 2980
  • the fastest response time
  • anti-theft lock
  • temperature setting limiting / blocking pins
Extension pieces

  • used for height compensation between the input and output of the heat exchanger screw union
  • stainless-steel design
  • connection thread G 1/2", inner
  • A straight piece for two row exchangers (height of the free standing convector 15 cm and more)
  • B angled piece for single-row exchangers (height of the free standing convector 9 cm)

Note: The connecting set elements are packed as a complete set and cannot be supplied separately.