Convectors installation KORAFLEX FK

Building recommendation

Several general principles must be fulfilled for proper function of the convector

  • To interconnect the exchanger and the distributing pipeline, the standard stainless-steel hoses with stainless-steel jacketing must be used (unless recommended otherwise) which always form a part of the delivery. In practice they provide a better access under the heat exchanger without having to dismantle the heating system, e.g. during cleaning.
  • A correctly installed convector is mounted horizontally and the top edges of the convector case are not warped or deflected to ensure proper functioning of the walk-on grid and allows venting of the heat exchanger.
  • Correctly installed convector's decorative frame at the floor covering is within the margin of +2 mm.
  • We recommend to keep the cover board in its place for the full duration of the building work to prevent dirt getting inside the convector. The standard board supplied is not walkable. A higher load bearing capacity board can be ordered.
  • The height adjustment screws are only used for horizontal levelling of the convector case.
  • During concreting the convector must be fixed to the floor with the use of fixing anchors screws that will prevent vertical shifting of the convector during subsequent pouring of concrete. The convector can be vertically loaded during concrete pouring. During concreting the convector must be strutted to prevent deformation of the
    case. When using other casting material (e.g. anhydride) seal thoroughly all passages into the convector to prevent it from flooding.
  • Convectors with stainless steel case, designed for humid environments and identified as KORAFLEX FK InPool have a standard built-in water drainage. It must be interconnected during the installation with a pipe with secured slope to drain the waste water. We recommend to fit the drain with the odour trap.
  • Possibility to imbed in floors according to floor types.

Cross section of the correct embedding and location of the convector

Cross section of the correct embedding

Recommended location of the heat exchanger

KORAFLEX FK Standard design

The specified dimensions do not include the decorative frame.


Suitable for interior with increased humidity, must be fitted with Al or Stainless steel Cross grid. Pool design available only in depths 9 cm and 11 cm and widths 20, 28, 34 and 42 cm.

Not possible to connect cases from more KORAFLEX FK InPool convectors.

Location of the exchanger at the room side depths 30 and 45 cm

Location of the exchangerDescending stream of cool air enters the convector case. The rising flow of heated air then supports natural air circulation in the room and creates a screen in front of the window area. This arrangement is suitable in rooms where the convector is the only heating source and where the share of window heat losses in the total heat loss of the room is about 70 - 100 %.

Location of the exchanger at the window side depths 30 and 45 cm

Location of the exchanger 30-45 windowThis location is suitable in rooms where heat losses on the part of the room prevail and there is only a small share of window losses (20 % at the most). The distance between the convector and the window must be as small as possible.

Connection dimensions

FK 9/20, 9/28, 11/20, 11/28: a = 6 cmFK 15/28, 15/34, 19/28, 19/34, 45/28, 45/42: a = 5 cm
FK 9/42, 11/42, 15/42, 19/42: a = 18 cmFK 30/28, 30/42: a = 12 cm
FK 9/34, 11/34: a = 9 cm, b = 3 cm

Connecting the floor convectors KORAFLEX

Cases' types according to water inlets' location and lowering of faces for batch assembly

Lowering of the cases' faces is used where it is not desirable to see the connections between the convectors (long rows of convectors, i.e. administative buildings, hotels etc.). When ordering the walkable grid it is necessary to mention that it is the PM, which will be used for the convector with the lowered face.

Note: The KORAFLEX FK InPool convectors' individual cases cannot be mutually interconnected. These are made only in P0 design.

Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions - Floor convectors KORAFLEX FK
Assembly instructions - Floor convectors KORAFLEX FK InPool